First day nerves…

Months in gestation, a morning in creating, and now I’ve been hit with writer’s block – or maybe it’s nerves – when it comes to my first ‘proper’ post.  It’s like the anti-climax after a fun weekend or the return from holiday, with an added dose of self-doubt: why am I doing this?  Is it just some huge exercise in ego?!  Will I have anything of interest to say?!  It’s that so-familiar sense of self-consciousness; the fear that by exposing oneself & one’s desires, you’ll be ridiculed or thought strange (what if people think I’m odd?  Or worse – boring?!).

But creating a blog is a yearning I’ve had for some time & unless I try I shall never know.  It maybe abandoned after a week or a month.  Or it may prove a useful outlet on my journey.

As I’m plagued with such fears, my neice & nephew arrive in my room to laugh & laugh at the blackbird bathing in the garden before boinging (is that a word?!) furiously on my bed – with me joining in, only to pop a button off my cotton housedress through my enthusiasm.  And suddenly I am reassured: I have plenty to say.  I may not have found the meaning of life yet, but all is well with the world.

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