Treasure Hunt: a happy Saturday learning to let go and just be

Today I woke up to a big blank space.  I had no dates (platonic, romantic or any variations thereof), no firm commitments & as I have taken the last couple of days as holiday, no desire to do chores or anything else vaguely ‘useful’.  So what to do?  Such a swathe of free time always seems intimidating.  My first urge is to make arrangements, have a ‘plan’, fill the time with some kind of busy-ness.  Slowly, though, I’m learning – learning to just ‘be’, to let life carry me along, to not always try to control everything.  And slowly, I am understanding the effects of this.  Instead of hunting for treasure, I simply find it – as if it’s been there all along.  It probably is there all along, I just can’t always see it properly.

I resisted the urge to plan & control by doing nothing to start with.  The morning was spent reading in bed.  It was heaven & felt extremely decadent in the simplest way (especially when tea & biscuits were added to the mix).

The post then arrived.  I feel that I should probably over-come my excitement at the (almost) daily arrival of post, but I love it.  And today, it did not let me down.  A thank you card from one of my nephews, including a photograph of him in the scarf I knitted for his birthday.  A voucher from Virgin trains, recompense for a delayed journey.  A history journal, including an hilarious book review by someone I know.  A general sense of satisfaction at the treasure that had arrived on my door mat.

A shower followed.  A bottle of Chanel no5 shower gel in the bathroom cabinet caught my eye – a generous gift from a lovely friend, normally reserved for ‘special’ occasions.  Haha, no such reserve today!  Ah the bliss at smelling so fabulous for no reason other than it is a day ending in y!  By this point, the day was surpassing its ordinary appearance & becoming a feast of small indulgences.

A spring fayre at a chapel in the village followed.  The sense of community among the motley assortment of attendees was warming, especially when a lady to whom I’d given some wool at Easter showed me the results: some tiny clothes, knitted for still-born babies at the local hospital.  I managed to not cry (quite an achievement!).  A whole host of goodies (including two clutch bags & two gifts for others) found their way into my bag.  For less than a fiver, I’d given & received, although the choice of two cakes with my cup of tea was an error – confronted with a madeleine & a jam tart, I couldn’t chose between them so continued the theme of decadence & ate both, then promptly felt a bit sick!

Early evening has seen a friend stop in for a cup of tea; always welcome, especially when plans for forthcoming adventures take shape.  It’s now 7pm & I don’t know what the evening will bring.  I’ve still no plans, still no date of any description (an hour with Simon Cowell doesn’t count!).  But whatever the next few hours may hold, I will go to bed knowing that I am rich in treasure.

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