Between two stools

This evening I filled out a market research survey for a magazine that I have – until recently – subscribed to.  As part of my on-going mission to simplify my life, I’ve let the subscription lapse but the allure of a prize draw for completing the survey encouraged me to enter (I’ve already planned how to use the winnings should I be lucky; am in an outfit panic having been asked to step in as someone’s ‘plus one’ in August).

The survey was quite open about their efforts to attract advertisers; the questions were about watches & jewellery.  I own a fair few watches & a lot of jewellery (albeit all of the costume variety!) so I thought it’d be simple enough to complete.  Au contraire!  I struggled to answer many of the questions according to the categories laid out & found myself entering ‘other’ over & over.  My dream watch, for example, wasn’t Rolex or Breitling or Patek Phillipe; it’s a 1920s cocktail watch – & there was no appropriate category for this. 

Post-survey, I went to the pub with two friends.  The conversation – as is often the case in their company – turned to music.  They humour me by answering my questions about who bands are, what music they play & so on, but I never get any nearer to knowing what they’re on about.  The music they like is off the beaten track.  The music I like isn’t exactly in the current hit parade.  Even so, n’er the twain shall meet. 

Not quite fitting in with other people’s categories; not really able to tick any of the boxes provided.  Sometimes a life of one’s own can seem like a life alone.  But that’s not necessarily a bad thing.  I hope.

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