In one week’s time, my personal email account will close down as the host site is folding.  Ho hum, I thought upon receiving news of this – a bit of a fafarolla letting people & mailing lists know of the change.  Part of me was quite pleased; I had been using the same service for over ten years & while I had loved the association with ‘handbag.com’ at one point, it no longer seemed to fit.  Maybe I’m alone in feeling so sensitive to the impression created by one’s email address, but it seemed chance to start afresh. 

Who do I want to be in cyber-space now?  If only that question was as easy to answer as it is to ask!  And if only it were as easy to find email providers that you can be sure are free & reliable – this quest for a new email account has caused me untold dilemmas & lots of wasted hours on search engines.  It’s not that I have anything against any particular email provider; I just felt this was an opportunity to do something in keeping with my efforts to live a simpler, more ethically-concerned life.  I thought about just using my work account, but as my job may be no more in a few months then I could find myself without any email address.  I thought about a charity email; I figured there must be some such thing, like credit cards where a certain amount is donated to a specified charity every time you make a transaction.  If there is a charity email in existence, I cannot find it!  I’ve ordered a book from the library that I thought might yield some clues but it is lost somewhere in the county library system & won’t arrive in time.  Now I am at an impasse.  Tonight’s the night with some time set aside to sort a new account out & I think I’ll just have to admit defeat on this one.  It’s frustrating but in the grand scheme of things I guess it’s not the most important issue on which to try & make a stance.

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