“What is this life, is full of care…

we have no time to stop & stare", begins the beautiful William Henry Davies poem ‘Leisure’.  This line has been a refrain throughout my day today.


I have been sitting here for twenty minutes typing, deleting, re-typing about my earlier technological problem… In fact, I have even just had to delete & re-type that sentence.  I am too tired to think properly & write coherently.  So I will simply record that  Davies so was right.  Just staring is so important; so amazing; so satisfying.  It soothes my soul.  Today started in a stressful & negative way because I didn’t observe my usual ritual of getting out of bed & just staring at the beautiful countryside outside the bedroom window.  I sacrified this calming, grounding, peaceful moment because I thought I was too busy today.  What a fool am I.


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