My Incredible Journey Part Three: Among Friends

4.30pm: I pack up & decide to visit Friends House before my train.  I love it in there but haven’t been in a long time – years, even.  I don’t know why; I pass it often enough, thinking ‘I must stop in’.  As soon as I go through its doors, I’m relaxed & uplifted.  I browse the books, feeling cheered that others are thinking similar thoughts to me & sharing their wisdom in print.  I spot two postcards, perfect for some friends.  For the equivalent price of a glossy magazine that I’d have probably bought for the return journey otherwise, I get a book & some postcards.  And for undoubtedly less than I’d pay in the station opposite for a comparable fresh organic salad & drink – if Euston even sells such things amongst its fast-food outlets – I get my dinner.  If only making alternative choices was always so easy.

I sit in the beautiful neighbouring square, eating my food, watching the world go by & being delighted by two courting blackbirds who scurry around my feet. 

As I head over the road to the station, I dismiss the pains in my chest as indigestion – too much food on an empty stomach, I reassure myself.


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