Islands in the stream

Today I cleaned my bedroom.  Work/hospital/lovely weather had postponed previous planned cleans, but it could be delayed no longer.  On went the music, & as I bopped around, dusting & re-arranging & sorting out the piles of ‘stuff’ that had accumulated, I found myself singing very loudly along to ‘Islands in the stream’.  I love the Bee Gees & Dolly Parton, hence this song is a double-winner for me.  As I returned my space to its usual somewhat cluttered but serene state, I felt like an island in the stream myself: totally alone, but content & focused, the captain of my own ship – in charge of my own destiny(ation). 

This evening I visited two sets of friends.  The first couple have just had an absolutely beautiful baby; the second have just moved into their first home together.  I love all of them & was so happy to see them – and so happy to see them all embarking on exciting new stages in their lives.  In both cases, there was that sense of connection that is often present with old friends, when your shared history ties you together in invisible bonds however diverse your lives have become. 

As I drove away from the second visit, though, I was aware of the momentary nature of that connection.  They have formed their own islands in the stream too.  Part of me felt a little sad – & lost – that I don’t have a Kenny Rogers to accompany my Dolly Parton.  But as I sit here in bed, looking around at my freshly scrubbed space (complete with rose petals, as in the photograph below), that wistfulness has passed.  This is my island, and not every song is a duet.  I am content to sing solo. 

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