Gosh, it feels like ages since I’ve blogged!  I guess it hasn’t been that long, but having developed habit of writing most days, you soon miss it when a few days slip by.  I’ve been v busy since my last post.  Work has largely occupied most of the time; I’m pushing (still!) to finish my thesis & although I’m making good progress, I still need to keep the pressure on.  I was also busy on Sunday chatting to some Quakers.  I’ve decided – having returned to Quaker meeting about 18 months ago, after a number of years of absence – to apply for membership of the Society of Friends (the official name for Quakerism).  This is largely about personal commitment and my own spiritual journey, rather than any kind of sacrament or vows.  I arranged to meet with some other members to talk about my decision & to hear about their experiences.  What I envisioned as being an hour or so expanded to fill most of the afternoon!  While it was an extremely fulfilling experience, it – combined with other commitments – did mean that the day felt very full, with barely a minute to kick back & veg with the papers.   

But within the midst of all this busy-ness, Saturday stood out like a beacon of calm & tranquility.  I spent the day in Stamford, a small quaint town in the Rutland / Lincolnshire area – very Cotwold-esque.  It was a day spent eating cake, browsing charity & vintage shops & just generally taking in the atmosphere of the place.  However much I enjoyed the first two activities, the latter was probably the biggest tonic to my general weariness.  I have a terrible tendency to fill my time – often with the best of intentions – & neglect my need to just slow down & pause for thought.  So this post – showing some of the pictures from my day of pausing & simply looking around (which cunningly also satiated my interest in architectural detailing!) – is dedicated to just that.  A reminder to stop with all the busy-ness once in a while.  Else I might miss what life is all about. 

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