Action 17

During my ‘tatting’ trip to Weedon on Tuesday, I picked up the book Change the World for a Fiver (pictured) by the community group ‘We are what we do’ – the people behind the Sainsbury’s / Anya Hindmarch ‘I am not a plastic bag’ phenomenon.

The book is basically a collection of fifty ‘actions’ – ideas for things to do to make the world a better place, with an environmental/social slant and costing very little money.  It’s a lovely book – beautiful illustrations, witty, thought-provoking.  

Action 17: Try watching less TV seems particularly appropriate this evening as I have begun my boycott of X Factor (see last Sunday’s post for details as to why!).  Change the World for a Fiver provides suggestions what to do with the time created by watching less TV, but here is my list so far…

1) Finished edging a baby’s blanket that I’m making.  Blanket is now complete after months in gestation.  Yay!

2) Emptied out the bag I use for ‘current’ craft projects.  This tends to accumulate lots of bits & pieces, & having a sort out gave me a feeling of immense satisfaction, totally disproportionate to the task itself.

3) Listening to Saturday evening shows on BBC Radio5 Live.  I used to listen to these programmes regularly but haven’t done for a while.  It feels like I’ve met up with an old friend, plus I’ve got to hear an hilarious snippet of a Swiss minister in giggles while giving a speech about cured meats.

4) Blogging!  I am writing this post in the time that I would normally be watching TV.  I love the fact that I’m plugging Change the World for a Fiver while implementing one of its actions!  I am, however, going to watch Michael Macintyre’s Comedy Roadshow at 9.25.  After all, it’s only watch less, not give up TV altogether.  My X Factor boycott seems to be a happy coincidence.   

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