Well, autumn certainly seems to be upon us now.  Being a big fan of knitwear, I always welcome the onset of the colder months but part of me still feels a little mournful for the passing of another summer – and with it, the passing of the time of year that promises so much excitement and escapism: holidays; summer romances; long, lazy evenings; breakfast al fresco; picnics; bare feet; sun, sand and… (add your own ending as preferred!  I’ll plump for ice cream).  So while I’m looking forward to all that the new season will bring, it cheers me to see nature’s last stand against the inevitable.  These photos, taken within the last hour, show the final signs of summer, making me think of a wonderfully melancholic song…

Look for signs that summer’s done,

Winter’s drawing near.

Watching the changing colours come,

turning of the year.

See the flower’s final blaze,

in the morning’s misty haze.

Sing a song of thankful praise,

as the year grows old.

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