Since my last post, I have been humming ‘Look for signs that summer’s done’ over & over to myself and I think that this has subconsciously been encouraging me to actively look for such signs.  Here’s my list so far:

1) I’ve had my desk lamp on for most of today as the weather’s been so dull.

2) I’m eating a lot of beautiful fruit & veg bought from the harvest sale – made a tomato salsa for lunch & had a medley of roasted veg for dinner.

3) I’ve bought some fab boots & a cosy pair of thick merino wool socks to wear with them (please get a bit colder, please get a bit colder, please get a bit colder).

4) I’m eating sturdy, solid, traditional biscuits – digestives & shortbread.  Highly recommend Daylesford Organics stem ginger shortbread.  It’s enough to make you want to hibernate & live off nothing else for four months.

5) We’re getting some crazy moons.  Unfortunately the photograph that I’ve uploaded doesn’t quite capture the eeriness of this particular moon rising, but it was spectacular.  I’m captivated by the lunar cycle & it never fails to amaze me how this time of year always brings with it some stunning sights.

6) I’ve swapped to my a/w pyjamas.  Brushed cotton with a proper tie so I can tuck the top a la old men’s pjs.  It’s not quite cold enough to get the cashmere bed socks on, but it won’t be long.

7) I really, really want to cosy up in bed with a cup of tea & some good reading material – tonight I have Making, a beautiful new craft magazine.  I know one of the writers in it, a fact that I’m so proud about that I had to share it with the girl who served me in WHSmith.  She looked pretty impressed, which is good as she could have just looked at me like I’m a nutcase.  And it’s to Making that I turn now, for a bit of seasonal indulgence.  Goodnight!   

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