With a little help from my friends…

It’s Sunday evening & I’m making the most of my X Factor boycott (I’d normally watch a recording of the Sunday night show after watching The Antiques Roadshow) by catching up with some emails & Facebook messages from friends.  It feels like a lovely way to round off the weekend – am all cosied up in bed and although I’m alone, it feels like I’m connected with many of the people I love, albeit an electronic connection.  It seems particularly appropriate after a weekend when I’ve felt cocooned by the love of friendship in many different forms & different situations.  Here are my highlights:

1) Late afternoon on Friday: a good old chinwag on the phone to one of my oldest, closest friends.  A proper intense conversation where you cover a million subjects without pausing for breath & even then the phone call only ends because one of you has to do something really essential, like go the loo.

2) Friday evening: dance class.  Eight women, some I know really well, some I don’t, but we’ve formed a proper little group & nobody’s afraid to laugh at each other. 

3) Saturday afternoon: half a dozen or so women of varying ages, all gather around a table for fundraising afternoon tea.  Just lovely.  Uncomplicated.  The kinds of conversation where you really feel like you’ve learned something about life & human nature at the end of it. 

4) Saturday evening: dinner with some married friends in their new house.  A civilised, grown up affair, but that by no means should read as boring.  Far from it – the evening flew by & I felt warm and smiley the whole of the forty mile journey home.

5) Sunday lunch time: a text of the friend that I’d spoken to on Friday afternoon, telling me of a funny story that she’d forgotten to mention during our call. 

6) Sunday evening: sending some messages & emails, a sense of catching up with people.  Electronic communication may be a poor subsitute for actually seeing someone, but at least it allows us to maintain contact easily when circumstances do not always allow us to meet up.  And it certainly helps to facilitate meeting up too.

I feel extremely fortunate to have such amazing, inspiring, caring friends and such a diverse web of people around me.  Maybe it’s because I don’t have a partner to turn to, but I don’t think I could strive for independence & liberty without all these – and other – people.  Without their love & support, my quest to build a life of my own would feel very bleak & isolated.  And nowhere near as much fun.

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