It’s inevitable, I suppose, that whenever one phase in life ends & another is about to begin, feelings of fear and trepidation – a sense of uncertainty – will arise alongside excitement and hope.  As I’ve posted before, one of my favourite quotations is ‘Liberty is terrifying but also exhilirating’ (from The Female Eunuch) and the freedom that awaits me after 29th October – my official deadline – is both terrifying and exhilirating at the same time.

What to do in a situation like this?  Well, after a long, hard day at my laptop, with my brain actually throbbing & my head feeling like it might implode, there was only one thing for it: TV.  And not just any old TV – no, I needed comfort TV.  And in an amazing act of serendipity, the programmers on not one but two channels (with a bit of help thrown in from ‘series link’ recording options) had provided just what I needed.  Rather than pondering my future & what it may hold, I was transported into the magical neverland that is Nigella’s life; the cosy reassurance & old school joviality of Autumnwatch; the rural idyll & endless summer that is the world of River Cottage.  There is a certain timelessness to these shows; rather than the cynicism, pessimism and general miserable-ness that dominates much of the media, they indulge the viewer in a safe, secure, cashmere-lined cocoon – less Osama and oil crises, more olive oil and otters.  And sometimes, that escape is what we all need.

If Nigella, Kate & Chris, and Hugh weren’t enough, I added to the comfort factor of the evening by starting a new knitting project.  Having finished my last projects during the hours freed up by my X Factor boycott, I thought it was time to start another.  I started making a present for my friend’s daughter because although I may not know what I’ll be doing at the end of 2010, I do know for certain that on 25th December it will be Christmas Day – which will bring with it a sense of comfort & timelessness, just like this evening’s television schedule. 

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