Three point post

Tonight I am writing a three point post.  Not sure why, but there are three things that I wanted to include – and why not?!

1) Is it inevitable that people in relationships fall into certain patterns of behaviour?  It’s not really a criticism (heavens know that I’m a creature of habit), more of an observation.  Late this afternoon, I found myself in M&S food hall and I was completely fascinated by the many, many couples in there.  They all seemed to be having the same deliberations over food, stood in similar poses, pulling the same faces.  Admittedly they were split into two camps: the loved-up newby couples & the longer-term, slightly more argumentative couples.  Maybe people shopping alone also partake of similar behaviour but it’s not as noticeable; it’s the two people who are mirroring each other and also mirroring other couples that are fascinating…Or perhaps it’s just me who gets captivated by couples.  It’s a weird kind of voyeurism, but I suppose I’m just looking for clues as to what makes them tick, what holds them together, trying to glean some hints & tips.  Or just plain noseyness.

2) Here’s a little recipe for you, one that I’m v proud of – although I should preface this by saying that is essentially a snazzy version of cheese on toast…

Get a bread roll & cut it in half

Place under a grill until lightly toasted; while it’s toasting, grate some cheese & chop some tomatoes (baby tomatoes work best but any will do)

Add some cheese & the tomatoes to the top of each half of the bread, place back under the grill until the cheese is melted & gooey

Ground some black pepper on the top…

Et voila!  Two pieces of margerhita pizza! 

Obviously you can add whatever you like & make different varieties of pizza, although as the ‘bases’ are quite small then it’s difficult to be too elaborate.  Also, bread rolls really do work better than slices of bread (which really just be cheese on toast!) – it’s the thickness, fluffiness, dough-yness of it.

I picked up this recipe suggestion when in hospital last year.  I’d bet that not many people can say that!  Admittedly it wasn’t an idea taken from the hospital food itself; a lovely lady on my ward told me about it – she swore by it for kids lunches in the holiday.  It really is very exciting – why go to Pizza Express when you can make your own ‘individually hand-crafted pizzas’ so easily?!

3) Update on my X Factor boycott: this evening, I have had a v jolly time writing to some friends; listening to 5Live; writing this blog (hmm, this reads a bit like my previous post about what I was doing during the boycott – I am definitely a creature of habit!).  I now have a nice big cup of tea & am getting some knitting out.  I started this latest craft project last night: am making some knitted angels ready for fundraising at Christmas.  Made some last year for presents & they solicited lots of interest, so am inspired to do some more.  So from the clickety-click of my laptop keys to the clickety-clack of the knitting needles…Contentment indeed.

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