Ending the day nicely…

Today I have been working hard on the final proof reading of my thesis.  There is no getting around it: it is a largely tedious task.  Everything is pretty much as good as it’s going to get & I’m essentially going through 85,864 words with a fine tooth comb looking for typos, bits where I’ve edited a sentence but accidentally left a remnant of the original sentence in when it should have been deleted, checking that the words/phrases aren’t over-used.  I have a few more days of this left & knew that I needed some light relief this evening to prevent me a) going cross-eyed from staring at word documents for eight hours at a time and b) going insane from staring at word documents for eight hours at a time.  So after the work was done, I ended my day nicely…

1) Once a week, I play doubles badminton.  For a whole month, my partner & I haven’t won a game.  Admittedly a month is only actually four sessions, but even so it was getting a bit depressing.  But tonight we ended our drought & won a game!  Pride = completely disproportionate to the achievement itself.  The physical exertion was also a welcome release after a day spent sat at a desk; as I’m writing now, I have that lovely slightly achey feel in the backs of calves & thighs – v satisfying.

2) After badminton, had a cuppa with the friends that I play with & made a new, exciting discovery: malted milk cream sandwich biscuits.  They are amazing, combining two of my favourite biscuit elements: malted milk (how can the little cows not make you feel happy?!) and the cream sandwich.

3) Lovely long chat with my friend; 58 minutes & 4 seconds long, to be precise.  I don’t really know what we managed to talk about for all that length of time as I had a similarly long conversation with her on Friday.  Sometimes you can’t beat feeling like a teenager again, sitting on your bed gabbling away on the phone.

4) Knitting: oh how I love knitting!  After a bit of a lull, the last week or so has seen a bit of an explosion of activity on the knitting front.  I’m busy knitting various body parts for some little angel Christmas decorations, which I’m hoping to use for fundraising in December.  As they’re so small, you can make quite a few sections really quickly, giving a good sense of progress & encouragement.  Plus they’re v sweet; each one seems to develop it’s own character, which I know sounds like a totally barmy thing to say about some bits of wool stitched together to hang on a tree.

5) A final lovely surprise to end the day: checking the football results before I came to bed & I stumbled upon Ray Davies on Jools Holland’s Later Live.  I love Ray Davies & it seemed like a proper treat to have him just pop up like that.  Now I just need to find out the name of the band who were singing with him – looking them up will be the perfect little distraction when I need a break from proof reading again tomorrow.  I love it when a plan comes together.


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