Ending the day nicely part II

Today I have been once again proof-reading my thesis; one more chapter down, two more to go, plus the conclusion & then (hopefully!) just one final read through.  I enjoyed it far more today, which is good.  I always try to find at least one redeeming feature about something that I have to do, & the big plus point of such detailed reading is that I am required to stare out of the window at regular intervals – otherwise my eyes would hurt too much.  And so a natural rhythm developed: read a page, stare at lovely autumn scenery, read, stare, read, stare, etc. 

The other redeeming feature is that I was quite excited by knowing that I again needed lovely things to do tonight to give my brain a little holiday.  Here’s the list for today’s evening-long mini-break:

1) Listening to reports on the Chilean miners’ rescue on the radio news.  Such an amazing, uplifting story, and one that can’t fail to take you far from your own world & out into the South American desert.  Also gives you a major dose of perspective on any woes & worries you might have.

2) Having the sports program on the radio for an hour or so.  I love the banter & discourse of the pundits, commentators & presenters.  I also feel like I know some of them personally as I’ve been listening to the show fairly regularly for over a decade now.  It’s my favourite soap opera, especially when they’re talking about international or premiership football.

3) Having an email purge.  Why is this so satisfying? 

4) Sorting the paperwork for a weekend course that I’m going on in November.  Am sure I’ll write more about this nearer the time, but for now I’ll stick to saying that I’m v excited about it!

5) A friend rang so, like last night, I got to pretend that I’m a teenager again – sitting on my bed, gabbing away on the phone.  Admittedly this call wasn’t quite as long – about 30 minutes rather than an hour – but was equally as lovely & heartwarming. 

6) Knitting a phone sock.  During the day, I like to leave my mobile on the windowsill, out of the way but easily to reach.  As the weather’s getting colder, I’d noticed that this sometimes makes the screen do strange things.  I used to have the same problem with an old laptop & the solution was to wrap it in a large scarf for warmth in the winter months, so I decided to make a phone sock for the phone – hoping that the extra warmth will end the crazy screen blips (I guess I could just put my phone in a different, warmer place, but the crafting solution won the day).  Am pretty proud of my efforts: 4-ply grey merino wool, stocking stitch with garter stitch edging.  It was pretty much completed while I watched Grand Designs and it looks fab – did email an image from my phone to here, but it hasn’t come through yet but hopefully it will appear at some point.  I’m so proud & pleased with it, in fact, that it’s made me feel far too wide awake; I’m on a knitting high & want to make something else immediately.  But I can’t – need plenty of sleep in order to continue with the proof reading tomorrow.  Chapter Five, here I come – complete with lovely memories of a simple evening & a tres chic phone sock! 


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