Ending the day nicely part III

As planned, today I proof read another chapter.  As I sat, all wrapped up at my desk, staring alternately at the screen & then out of the window at the cold, damp autumnal mist that never lifted, it was strangely reassuring to feel embraced by the routine into which I seem to have fallen over the last few days: proof reading – mega-mini-break evening – write about my evening – sleep – proof read – and so the cycle continues.

I’m not sure how long this routine will continue; probably only another day or so.  I certainly wouldn’t want it to continue for much more than that, but it has been immensely comforting, creating a sense of structure & shape – as well as a vital release – at a time when I could be getting quite stressed.  So possibly – or possibly not – for the last time, here is how I ended my day nicely tonight…

1) Roast chicken dinner, courtesy of my mum.  What more can I say?  The perfect start to an evening in anyone’s book, I would guess.  Especially with a big dollop (what a fantastic word – dollop – it’s almost onomatopoeic) of bread sauce – yum yum yum.

2) Bit of playtime with my niece & nephew.  I helped them put their Kinder toys together & I’m not ashamed to admit that I ran my wetted finger over their plastic table mats to mop up some of the chocolate crumbs they’d left behind!

3) Listened to some political songs that someone had sent me a link to.  I’m always amazed at the effort & talent behind some of the stuff that gets put on YouTube, with no apparent motivation other than the desire to make whatever it is: a spoof, a statement, a serious point.  The three songs made me laugh but on another level, they also spoke to me.  Over the last few months, since the election really, I feel that I’ve undergone a political revival, stirring up the idealism of my youth & reinvigorating my commitment to do something about some of the issues on which I feel strongly – however small the gesture may be.

3) I’m involved with an organisation that records local news for visually impaired people & tonight was my team’s session.  It’s always the most amazing, satisfying few hours, using the most basic skills – reading & speaking – for a really worthwhile cause that makes a big difference to people’s lives as there is no alternative, non-printed version of the papers we read out.  I love it.  Doing this is the kind of thing that makes life worth living – I mean, I say it’s worthwhile for the recipients, but I’m sure that those of us who do it get as much – if not more – satisfaction from it.  Plus, the decor & layout of the studio is like something from the 1950s, so rather than the ‘pretending I’m a teenager’ scenario that I’ve had when speaking to friends on the past two nights, tonight I could indulge in a fantasy of being a post-war radio newsreader. 

4) Popped to the pub for an hour with the talking newspaper team.  We’re a mix of ages, so there’s a different dynamic to most other groups of friends that I have, but that’s no bad thing.  I’m beginning to thing that having friends of different ages is in itself a sign of age – I must add that to the list that’s developing for a second part to my previous ‘Seven Signs of Ageing’ post.

5) Cup of tea & a quick puruse of Facebook, where I discover that someone I know is looking for a place to lodge (saying ‘to lodge’ sounds wrong, but as he wants to be a lodger then it must be correct).  I also know someone who is looking for a lodger, so I’ve done some match-making.  Less Blind Date, more house mate – I hope it works out, as I think they could be very happy together.  I do like it when random things come together – like me with this series of posts, which have not only recorded what I’ve done but encouraged me to think about my plans for each evening as I’ve plodded through the final stages of my project.  And as tomorrow brings the proof reading of my last chapter, the very end beckons ever nearer…

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