A life more ordinary

I guess it’s inevitable that after the emotional and spiritual high of last night, today was always going to feel like a bit of an anti-climax.  I often wonder how people who have really huge elaborate weddings feel afterwards, after the ‘big day’, after the honeymoon, after the presents have been unwrapped & thank you cards sorted (if they bother to send thank yous at all.  One of my pet peevs is that so many people seem obsessed with doing their wedding ‘properly’ – usually involving what are not real traditions or rituals at all, but ploys by the enormous wedding industry to make more money from ‘the greatest day of your life – yet don’t seem to read the final chapter in their wedding bibles, the bits that instruct you to thank your guests for their gifts & for spending the day with you, often shelling out the price of decent European mini-break for the privilege.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m not anti-weddings, but I strongly feel that the whole business of getting married has got out of hand.  But I digress. Again).  What do the bridezillas up and down the land feel like when there is no more wedding-related stuff to plan? 

My acceptance into membership didn’t have the same level of build up or general hullabaloo that accompanies marriage, but it still feels like a rite of passage for me.  And today I certainly had a sense of what next?  What do I do now?  Where do I go from here?  The answer, I suppose, is nowhere very fast.  What I had – and I suspect what I needed – was a quiet, ordinary, almost mundane day; the chance to drift back down to earth and gather my thoughts, calmly and unhurriedly.  So what did my ordinary day consist of? 

1) Chatted to my mum about last night’s meeting & my feelings about membership.

2) Watched TV with my niece, largely Peppa Pig but also Postman Pat.  At one point, we both sat cuddled up on the sofa under a blanket, chuckling away at Postman Pat & Bill being clowns in a circus.  I felt a real bond between us.  Then she did a wee on the sofa.  How quickly a moment can move from the profound to the profane!

3) Worked on the paper that I’ve been struggling to write all week.  Finally feel like I’m getting somewhere with it, perhaps because my mind is cleared of other concerns – I suppose I had been preoccupied with membership, without realising it. 

4) Applied for two more temp jobs.  Discovered yesterday that I definitely hadn’t got the one I’d posted about previously, but only realised this when I spotted the same job advertised with a different job title.  That was an immensely frustrating moment – in fact, I’m thinking that maybe a should start a whole new sub-section to this blog about job hunting, its trials and tribulations… Hmm, will stew that one over.

5) Had a bath.  Lovely.  Sometimes we all need a bit of maintenance.

6) Ate cornish cream ice cream with a jelly baby in the top.  No explanation needed.

7) Went to my streetdance class.  Felt my entire body unlock & unwind and had a real hearty laugh in the process. 

8) Watched my favourite TV show: Flog It.  I love it.  Whichever day this was recorded on, I’d seen the episode before but it doesn’t matter; it’s just the television equivalent of a jacket potato with baked beans – easy, satisfying comfort. 

How do I feel now I’m at the end of the day looking back?  Tired.  Serene.  Contented.  My day may have been quite ordinary, but within it I stumbled upon many secret treasures.


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