Do Something Amazing Today

Bleak is the word that I would use to describe last night.  It was the kind of night where you feel your own life is haunting you.  The kind of night where if my life was a Hollywood film, the scene would have shown me sat a downlit kitchen table, head in hands, with a large bottle of Scotch & a tumbler that magically refills itself with ice.  But, alas, my life is not a Hollywood film and I didn’t hit any hard liquor.  I didn’t even venture towards the kitchen for a brew.  I stayed in bed, tossing and turning, in the vain hope that by rolling over 180 degrees, I would be able to confuse my mind and forget the terrors that were keeping me awake.

And this morning?  This morning I have that horrible drained feeling: the hollow behind your eyes sensation combined with a dry, sore nose.  And empty all over.  I feel good for nothing, but fortunately I have a restorative appointment at 1.35 this afternoon: I am giving blood.  I love giving blood.  It is one of the most fulfilling, life-affirming experiences imaginable & I would highly recommend to everyone (If you think ‘Oo I don’t like needles’, ask yourself this: would you turn down a blood transfusion or other critical medical treatment on the same grounds?).  I made my appointment after my last session, so it’s just a coincidence that I’m going today, but the appointment couldn’t have fallen at a better time.  When you’re in your own depths, sometimes you need something to take you out of yourself, to consider others, to simply do something useful for someone else.  I know it will raise my spirits.  And you get a cup of tea & a biscuit thrown in for nothing.  What more could I ask for?


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