Twelve Hours

This morning, I woke up at 8.30am.  As I write this post, it is 8.30pm.  The day started with me feeling a bit (well, very) meh about life; it ends with me feeling pretty contented and with a warm fuzzy feeling of mellowness – all seems well with the world.  So what’s happened in the intervening twelve hours?  Here are my twelve highlights that helped to switch my mindset from meh to mellow:

#1 Putting on a silk scarf that I love and haven’t worn for ages but it always reminds me that people care about me as it was a gift when I was v ill last year.  Also hadn’t worn it with my winter coat before, & have to say that it looked pretty chic. 

#2 The woman in the train station ticket office saying ‘I haven’t seen you in a while’ – this made me smile all day.  So lovely to feel that you are recognised and not just an anonymous face in a crowd.

#3 Beautiful sunny day and stunning scenery on way into Birmingham; just sat staring out of the train window at the crisp and bright winter’s day in all nature’s glory.

#4 Wandering around the city centre, imagining myself as a nineteenth century flaneur.  Taking in the sights and the smells, making notes on people’s outfits, people-watching in general.

#5 Friendly assistance from a receptionist while trying to pick up a parcel.  It wasn’t her problem, she didn’t really have to help me, but she did & we formed one of those strange elusive, fleeting bonds that you sometimes get when you’re thrown into a situation with someone.

#6 Eating my sandwiches in the sunshine by St Philip’s cathedral, feeling like I was in slow motion while people and pigeons swarmed around me at high speed.  Being able to take one’s time when everyone else is in a hurry can feel like such a luxury.

#7 Mince pie fudge.  No explanation required.

#8 Doing a reccy for a job that I want to apply for and realising that it really does seem as brilliant as I had hoped from the description.  Came away buzzing – bring on the application form!

#9 Cracking open the first tin of Roses before Christmas.  My mum and I have a ritual of burying our heads into the tin as the smell is so heavenly.  This never fails to make me happy.  As does eating a few of them.  Even if I have eaten 100g of mince pie fudge already today.

#10 Making progress on a rota of speakers that I’m helping with: a couple of emails done, a phone call returned, and only half a dozen or so out of 52 slots left.  The satisfaction of filling in gaps and ticking off names, making order out of chaos.

#11 A happy hour of crafting, stitching together two more Christmas tree angels that I’d decided to make as presents, accompanied by the football commentary on the radio.  Perhaps not a combo to everyone’s taste, but it’s a fail-safe recipe for me.

#12 Knowing that the final hour of my day is going to be spent curled up, pjs on, with a spot of comfort TV (oh the joys of Kirstie’s Homemade Home!) and two final cups of tea.  Bliss. 

And by recording my contentment in this way, should I wake up tomorrow feeling meh again then I can re-read my list to promote mellowness again.  Who knows what the twelve hours of tomorrow’s day may hold?  Fingers crossed that it will at least involve some more of today’s tin of Roses.

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