Luxury Thursday

Yesterday, I received my first comment on a post from a stranger.  This has made me ridiculously excited; no disrespect intended to the people that I know that read this & say that they like it, but to receive a compliment from a stranger is immensely reassuring, as one feels more certain then that they are not just saying that because they know you & feel that they ought to be nice.  The particular post in question was ‘Fat Saturday’, from 23rd October.  This seems an awfully long time ago now, but the comment got me thinking about the whole ‘Fat Saturday’ idea again.  My particularly favourite bit of Konig’s ‘Fat Saturday’ concept is her suggestion that you should change your sheets, even if you’ve only changed them the day before, because clean sheets are one of life’s little luxuries that you can manage even if you’re broke.  My mind then began to wonder further: what little luxuries never fail to cheer me up even when I’m broke? 

When I live alone in my last flat, I had a thing about keeping a bottle of champagne in the fridge at all times.  It became a bit of a talisman: no matter how bad my day was, nor how strapped for cash I was at that particular moment, there was this bottle of golden luxury in my fridge.  Strangely enough, I didn’t crack it open that often – simply having it there was enough.  A moment of luxury every time I opened the fridge door, even if it was 7.45am on a Tuesday morning and I was trying to figure out what I could mackle together for my lunch.

My champagne fixation has passed – maybe because all luxuries become mundane once we become accustomed to them; maybe because I’m on the wagon.  Other luxuries have arisen instead though.  Having a bath is one of them.  I’m somewhat obsessed with them.  I was actually thinking about all this while in the bath.  When I say having a bath, obviously I don’t mean a quick dip with a soap and a flannel.  I mean the wallowing experience of bathing, the ‘I’m surrounded by so many pots of stuff that if I used them all then the bath would be cold (and very slimey)’ kind of bath.  Another factor that makes bathing such an indulgent, luxurious experience is the time of day.  In the evening is okay, but then it’s often about getting ready for going out or unwinding before sleep, rather than the experience in itself.  At the wrong time of morning, a bath just feels like you’re a slob who hasn’t got up early enough.  But the afternoon!  Having a bath in the afternoon is my idea of decadence, especially if it’s between 3pm and 5pm – the time when most people are coming out of school or work.  If you don’t believe me, try it next time you’re off on a weekday with not much planned.

Having a bath also allows you to do the kind of pampering that would cost a fortune if you paid a beautician to do it for you.  So after my bath, I also treated myself to a mani/pedi – a luxury I can’t afford in a salon, but one I can afford in my own bedroom.  I even lined up my nail polishes to see which one I fancied, a la a nail bar (sad but true).  And I put on my favourite playlist.  In fact, I got so carried away with my ‘Luxury Thursday’ idea that I dug around in one of my drawers to find my favourite T-shirt to wear.  It’s a sailor-style number, hence is normally reserved for the summer months, but today I thought what the hell and have put it on under my shirt.  It’s barely visible but it makes me happy to know it’s there.  I’ve also put on my favourite shirt & the new brooch that I received from my penpal yesterday.  And now I feel on top of the world.  I may only be going out to do the talking newspaper this evening, and going to a village pub after, but why shouldn’t I do it with my own little luxuries thrown into the mix?  Long Live Luxury Thursday, that’s what I say.

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