We are all on journeys all of the time.  Due to over-use by reality TV contestants and celebrities in their ‘most revealing interview ever’, a phrase so beloved by gossip magazines, it has become such a cliche to talk about one’s journey, but like so many cliches, its origins lie in truth.

We are all on journeys all of the time, literally and metaphorically.  Some journeys are big; others are small.  Some are inspiring; others mundane.  Some have a clear destination; others take a route that is not clear, either along the way or even sometimes when we reach our destination and look back.

I have been on lots of journeys over the last few days.  To Surrey and back; to Budapest via Paris and Amsterdam; to Manchester tomorrow.  To a village that I don’t know at all but discovered was near somewhere that I once went to a wedding; to a city that moved me profoundly on my last visit; to a place where I once lived.  To a place of trepidation and hope for the journey that lies ahead; to a romantic place where, many moons ago, I realised that I would rather be alone than…well, I still haven’t found a preferable alternative; to a place where I’ve experienced every emotion under the sun, the highs and lows of human existence, with a few extra thrown in for good measure. 

To an interview and a job offer that mark a new path, a new journey; a return journey that highlighted how far I’ve come from my own past; a trip that symbolises the penultimate step in a long journey that is drawing to a close.  And buried within these were countless smaller journeys, as captured in these photographs of my afternoon stroll up Zrinyi utca.  Amid all the grand journeys, sometimes we need to stop and observe those tiny details that capture our hearts and captivate our souls.

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