A brief aside… about chucking things aside

Almost three years ago to the day, I started seeing a therapist who I would continue to go to pretty much weekly for the following year.  The first task that she set me for ‘homework’ was to not tidy up before I went to bed that night; I had to leave everything where it was, just to see how it felt.  This memory, long forgotten, suddenly popped into my head as I looked at my desk & wondered how I managed to cover it in so much paraphenalia over the course of the weekend.  In homage to my old therapist and the amazing help that she gave me, everything is staying where it is.  It’ll still be there in morning.  And I don’t care.  It’s not important.  It’ll get put away at some point, probably during the course of tomorrow.  But right now, sleep is more important.  It’s funny what we learn to chuck aside.

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