Four Simple Pleasures…

Well, the picture is my first attempt to upload a photograph from my phone directly to the blog and it seems to have gone smoothly.  Frankly, this amazes me as I appear to be radiating negative karma today.  I’m not sure what the matter is, although I suspect it’s simply a hefty dose of PMT – the ‘I’m constantly on the verge of crying &/or shouting’ kind of feeling – combined tiredness (second night on the Angel Train, so hopefully that will help somewhat).  All day, I have tried to be productive but have seemed to fail.  The last two hours, for example, have been spent trawling the internet looking at cars.  This is, I suppose, useful prep for going car shopping with a knowledgable uncle tomorrow but it doesn’t feel like I’ve achieved very much. 

Interspersed with my attempts at productivity and usefulness, however, have been moments of sheer joy that arise from simple pleasures.  And that is my ‘Twelve Days of Christmas’ theme for today: four simple pleasures.  These pleasures have been:

1) Changing my bed.  This may not be everyone’s idea of pleasure, but it has bought me enormous gratification as I have spent the rest of the day safe in knowledge that I am getting into crisp, clean sheets this evening.  The pleasure of anticipation, I guess.  There is not a more lovely way to end the day than clean sheets and clean pyjamas.  I may even live life on the edge and have a hot water bottle too.

2) A Belgian bun for my lunch.  It was particularly sticky bun, the kind where your bites get smaller and smaller in the hope of prolonging the treat.

3) Going to the Post Office.  As the photograph indicates, I had rather a large bag of post to despatch.  Again, the Post Office is not everyone’s idea of pleasure, but I love them (the result of either too much Postman Pat as a child or being a bossy, matriarchal, village sub-postmistress in a former life).  Scales, stamp, scales, stamp, scales, stamp – I find the whole process quite soothing.  And in the current climate of threatened privatization of the Royal Mail, I feel it is my civic duty to use Post Offices and the postal system as much as possible. 

4) As well as ‘giving’ post, I received exciting post today too: the January issue of Vogue arrived on the doormat.  Again, there is a certain anticipatory pleasure surrounding this; it’s been lying on my bed all afternoon, injecting a bit of escapist glamour into my grumpy mood.  And I’m now going to have a very indulgent five minutes flicking through it before dinner.  A slice of heaven between two covers.

So, I guess that my four simple pleasures go to prove that today hasn’t been so bad after all.  And it’s still only 5.50pm.  Who knows what simple pleasures may lie ahead?  Clean sheets may just be the start of it.

On the fourth day of Christmas, my own way was to be four simple pleasures, three finished parcels, two children’s gifts and a morning of charity.

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