Eleven carols a singing…

Throughout trying to come up with my own alternative Twelve Days of Christmas (with the two provisos that there will actually be fourteen of them & they come before Christmas whereas the proper twelve days of Christmas come after the 25th), I have been slightly taken aback by how easily I’ve found items that fit the appropriate number; they’ve all been quite obvious contenders and not one is made up.  My astonishment was especially strong for the eleventh day (Tuesday), when I went carol singing and found – entirely coincidentally – that we sang eleven carols.  Not only was this the perfect number for the song’s lyrics, but I was also an event that I would like to commemorate in my version.  As well as being a Christmassy event (when else do you sing carols?!), singing is becoming an increasingly important part of my life.  I’m not a very good singer, but I’ve realised that singing makes me happy – I make a conscious effort to sing in the shower in the mornings as it sets me in a good mood for the rest of the day.  I’ve also realised that my singing – like my ten pin bowling skills – is not as bad as I have always thought.  On Sunday evening at the carol service, I felt confident enough to accompany my friend’s singing (albeit as quieter support) – the first time I have ever sung as a performance in public.  On Tuesday, I belted out the carols in our little group and didn’t feel embarassed; I may not be going to win any awards for my vocal talents, but given the right song, I can hold a tune reasonably enough. 

It’s funny how changing a long-held opinion about yourself can alter your whole self-perception. 

On the eleventh day of Christmas my own way was to be eleven carols a singing, ten pins a bowling, nine weeks a planning, eight hours a sleeping, seven scenes a snowing, six plates a spinning, fives Ro-o-ses, four simple pleasures, three finished parcels, two children’s gifts and a morning of charity.

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