On the ninth day of Christmas…

I’ve used a bit of artistic licence with day nine (Sunday) of my alternative Twelve Days of Christmas.  My choice, ‘nine weeks a planning’, refers to a carol service that I organised which took place on Sunday evening.  I’m not sure that the planning did take exactly nine weeks, but it definitely took around that length of time; it was certainly way back in late September or early October that the planning first began and ideas started to emerge.  The lyric had to refer to the carol service in some way as it was the most magical event: despite a panic earlier in the day that it might have to be cancelled due to snow, it ended up going really well with a much larger turnout than I would have ever dreamt of.  The atmosphere was so festive and jolly, with performances from those aged two to seventy-two.  It felt good to be part of something so beautiful.

On the ninth day of Christmas, my own way was to be nine weeks a planning, eight hours a sleeping, seven scenes a snowing, six plates a spinning, fives Ro-o-ses, four simple pleasures, three finished parcels, two children’s gifts and a morning of charity.

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