On the thirteenth day…

Well, we have finally arrived at the days that don’t feature in the original song as I was so enthusiastic about this mini-project that I started it the day I had the idea, rather than waiting until twelve days before – or indeed waiting until Christmas day itself and doing the twelve days after, as is technically correct for the twelve days of Christmas.

Having got to day thirteen of my quest yesterday, I can see why the song’s creators stopped at twelve: it is awfully hard to find something that relates to thirteen.  As I went to bed, I was still thinking about what I could use, whereas all the other days have picked themselves.  I had attempted to pick up the Cadbury’s Roses theme again, but couldn’t quite manage gobbling down thirteen chocolates (I gave it a good go, mind).  When in bed, I made a start on my latest knitting project.  Having finished all the Christmas-related items that I seem to have been knitting for months and months, I wanted to make something for myself and have picked a lovely pattern up for a cardigan.  My plan was to make a start over Christmas but seeing as last night was almost Christmas Eve, I cracked on with it anyway.  Part way along the first row, I was struck with inspiration for the alternative Twelve Days of Christmas: get to thirteen rows and it can be knitting themed. 

As knitting is my favourite craft, and craft is such a big part of my life now, it seems fitting that it should have a place in the lyrics reflecting ‘a Christmas of my own’, and 1534 stitches later, so it has: thirteen rows a knitting. 

On the thirteenth day of Christmas, my own way was to be thirteen rows a knitting, twelve trees a glowing, eleven carols a singing, ten pins a bowling, nine weeks a planning, eight hours a sleeping, seven scenes a snowing, six plates a spinning, five Ro-o-ses, four simple pleasures, three finished parcels, two children’s gifts and a morning of charity.

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