Friday, Saturday, Sunday

Friday 14th January:

On Friday, I was grateful for…

1) Having a great time making a puppet from a sunglasses sleeve with my cousin’s little boy.  It’s not everyday that breakfast is such a fun event.

2) Feeling that I’d done a good job on a work task.

3) That Friday Feeling.  No matter how much you like your job, the feeling as you head home on a Friday night is still spine-tingling.

Saturday 15th January:

1) Receiving my first wedding invitation of the year (lovely in itself) and discovering that it came complete with a stamped addressed RSVP card – a really thoughtful touch that made me smile all day.

2) Doing the Hokey Cokey with my niece. 

3) Finishing the right front of the cardigan that I’m knitting while watching an amazing Bruce Springsteen documentary (I admit that this is technically two items for gratitude but they were concurrent so I figure that’s allowed to be classed as one).

Sunday 16th January:

1) A v. nurturing, restorative Quaker meeting.

2) Completing a task that was on my to-do list for tomorrow.  Especially as I thought it’d be a mammoth task – once I got started, it was nowhere near as bad as I’d expected.  I actually quite enjoyed doing it, and came away feel v satisfied.

3) Opening a toothpaste box and discovering that the tube has a screw top hence no annoying little foil seal to try to remove.  Happy days!


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