Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday… And that was the end of Solomn Grundy

I don’t know why I added that last clause to the post’s title.  The nursery rhyme about Solomn Grundy has no connection to its contents, it’s simply that writing the name of several days in a row reminded me of the poem.  So, with that explanatory note out of the way, it’s onto the main business: what makes it onto my gratitude lists for the latter part of the week?

Thursday 20th January:

1) Managing for once to zip up the back of my dress without assistance.  Achieving this feat always gives me a thrill of satisfaction. 

2) That final push at work: one of those moments where it’s getting to the end of the working day & you’re suddenly fired up and get a seemingly impossible amount done.

3) The whole evening: from the drive home where I felt so overwhelmed with a love of life that I burst into tears, to my first very pleasant night out in my new home where I’m spending half my week, to staying up half the night talking – ensconced in a world that I couldn’t have even imagined just a month ago but immediately felt right and comfortable and like home.

Friday 21st January:

1) My boss doing a treats run mid-afternoon.  Sometimes we all need something sugary & sweet to keep us going, especially on a Friday afternoon.

2) Reasonably priced petrol at a motorway services: where I was working changed at the last minute on Friday morning & I didn’t get chance to fill up for the journey home, hence ended up having to stop at a motorway services.  Drawing up alongside the pump, I was amazed to discover that the price was no higher than in any normal road-side garage – extremely chuffed is the phrase that springs to mind.

3) First dance class of 2011: as we stretched & bended during the warm-up, it felt as though my whole body was thawing – previously a feeling that I associated solely with the warming effects of the first alcoholic drink of the night going down.

Saturday 22nd January:

1) Decided that I really did need some grey trousers.  Went to the shops.  Entered first shop.  Shop had one pair of grey trousers: my size & length and half-price in the sale.  Tried on.  Fell in love.  Got to till and discovered that they were reduced further to one-eighth of the original price.  Had to restrain myself from kissing the sales assistant, such was my joy.

2) A last-minute invitation.  However much I was relishing my plans for a quiet night in, there are occasions when nothing beats that feeling of the eleventh hour decision to go out. 

3) Falling into bed, several hours later than planned, content after a fairly random evening with a very dear friend for company.

Sunday 23rd January:

1) Post-meeting cup of tea at the Quakers: half an hour being truly part of a community – the kind of feeling that I longed for as a wistful child at Brownies but never seemed to happen.

2) Being able to do my brother a favour & knowing that he was really pleased with the results.

3) Having the urge to send a book to someone that I think they’ll like and – thanks to Amazon and the genius invention that is the internet – being able to do this at 8pm on a Sunday evening with just a few clicks of a button.  And, after a few more clicks of a button, I’ll fall into bed, content again.

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