What a week…

Well, what a week it’s been!  And here it is, summarised in eighteen bullet points that tell of what I’ve been grateful for over those busy days…

Monday 24th:

1 A new airy-fairy, lifestyle-envy cookery programme on the BBC.

2 Having a task that seems like a huge mountain to climb but actually getting through it fairly speedily.

3 Sainsbury’s own brand version of Kit Kats, as I love Kit Kats but try to avoid Nestle products.  Thank you, J Sainsburys, for producing a guilt-free version.

Tuesday 25th:

1 A friend offering to meet me to calm my nerves & distract me.

2 Passing my PhD viva without trauma and with excellent feedback.  Biggest goal in life now achieved – not bad progress for a Tuesday afternoon in January.

3 Going for a lovely meal with my parents to celebrate becoming a doctor, even though my stomach still felt a bit funny & I couldn’t eat much.  It’s also hard to eat when you’re smiling so much.

Wednesday 26th:

1 Avoiding a traffic jam that I seem to hit every Wednesday morning.  Always good.

2 First Cadbury’s Creme Egg of the year.  Yum yum yum.

3 Finally starting on the second sleeve of the cardigan that I’m knitting.  The speed of my progress is decreasing with every section, but it’s still progress.

Thursday 27th:

1 White chocolate and raspberry cookies.  Five words that spell happiness.

2 My boss taking me to dinner in a v nice Chinese restaurant where I had the juiciest king prawn satay I’ve ever had.

3 Going to the bar in my new local and chatting to someone that I met last week. 

Friday 28th:

1 The ability to get loads done at work when you know that you’re finishing early.

2 Coming home to a thank you present that included pina colada jelly beans – a perfect pre-night out aperitif!

3 ‘Our Betterware man is Scottish’: the greatest comment ever over-heard at a Burn’s Night.

Saturday 29th:

1 Staying in bed for a ridiculously long time even though I was awake, just because I could.

2 Balancing table mats on my head with my niece.

3 Staying in my pyjamas for the entire day, just because I can. 

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