Sunday 30th January 2011

Gratitude 1, 2, 3,

Having a coffee with someone who I’ve known all my life but only in recent months has it occurred to me that they’re actually a good friend & a really special person.

Setting up a standing order to give money regularly to my favourite charity.  Back before I had my new job & was quickly running out of money, I vowed that one of the first things I’d do when I was earning again would be to make a monthly donation.  So satifying to actually be able to do it.

Replying to a whole host of messages & emails that had been building up in the last few weeks.  Feeling organised & back on top of things in anticipation of the new month, when I’m planning on coming out of hibernation: returning to my social life, returning to ‘proper’ posts, returning a life of my own. 


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