Small Pleasures

I know I post quite regularly about small pleasures, but I really do believe that they are what life is all about.  Today I found myself musing on small pleasures as I ate a mini Lindt bunny.  The fact that it was a teeny weeny bunny (almost – but not quite – small enough to consume in one mouthful) rather than the full size version in no way diminished my delight in eating it.  In fact, it’s diminutive size – reminding me of childhood Easter treats – actually seemed to enhance my sense of pleasure. 

A friend very sweetly gave me the bunny as we were heading out on Saturday night.  It was much later in the night that another friend asked about my pre-thirty ambitions (see previous post).  Yet it seems that small pleasures were an underlying theme of the evening.  From being given a chocolate bunny to contemplating dreams for the future, the evening centred around some of my favourite things, namely eating good food and spending time with good friends.  Maybe I’m guilty here of conflating simple pleasures and small pleasures, but I guess I see them as one and the same: they are not the grand, expensive, dramatic events or indulgences that we often get caught up with focusing upon.  

Funnily enough, when my friend asked me if I had any aims before I turn thirty, I replied that I have everything I want in life: family, friends, a job that I like, knitting.  And with that list in mind, this evening I have been some prep in anticipation of tomorrow’s small pleasure: a trip to the local wool shop.  As Daniel Gilbert, a professor of psychology at Harvard, wrote: ‘Three hundred small pleasures make people happier than one magnificent one’.        

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