In a couple of weeks, I’m giving a talk to a community group about George Fox, the founder of Quakerism. As a result, I’m swotting up about his life, including a book that focuses on the world around him in his early years during the early C17th. The author challenges readers to think about the different sensibility of lives dependent on changing seasons and the natural elements. Fair point, I thought. As I sit here knitting, though, I reflected further. Perhaps we aren’t as detached from the natural world as we often assume. All this week, it’s felt like spring is in the air – causing me to swap my thick winter coat for my less heavyweight spring coat. I’ve also started mixing some lighter shades in with my winter clothes – like a pink and cream skirt where I would have worn grey even just a week ago. Okay, this isn’t as significant as living an agricultural life at the mercy of the weather, but maybe it indicates our continuing relationship, inextricable bond, with the world around us. Even if that world is largely filled with roads and buildings, not hedgerows and fields.


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