Having a wash part II

As is so often the case, once you realise something, you then become alert to other manifestations of the same phenomena. Having observed the face washing coping mechanism on Wednesday, tonight I noticed another symbolic form of face washing: the post night out wash. This has been floating round my mind for a few months, I suppose. After nights out, I’ve become zealous about washing my face and completing my little ritual of potions and lotions – no matter how late or how tired I am. Tonight, I went to a house party, then stayed up after the other guests left and helped with the clear up operation – followed by a final coffee and putting the world to rights kind of conversation. Pretty exhausted, I trudged up to bed. Despite my tiredness, I knew I wouldn’t settle without my routine. And as I was rubbing my night cream in, I suddenly saw why: it’s proving to myself that I’m not so drunk that I don’t bother. Washing my face after a night out seems to be my barometer of sobriety – putting a very literal spin on the idea of cleaning up one’s act.

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