Life Lessons I Have Observed Today

Today I’ve observed a number of important life lessons. In no particular order, these are: 1. Genuine affection can spring from the most unexpected places. 2. As one door closes, another opens. 3. Socrates said “Know thyself” and I know that I’m not a technologically inclined person. It’s not that I’m against technology. It’s not that I’m particularly inept at using it. Often I can see an item’s uses and why some people would want to buy it. But having spent 20minutes with someone showing me the amazingness that is a Samsung Galaxy Tab, I realized I’m not one of those people. It’s v cool and I’m sure it’s useful, but I can’t see it enhancing my life enough for me to buy one. This realization lifted a huge consumer pressure that I felt weighing down on me- an end to this haunting sense that I should own more gadgets. 4. This season’s midi length skirts may garner a number of compliments but they aren’t suitable for dog walking. Unless you particularly want to reveal your pants and tights to every other dog walker in the GU24 postcode as you hitch your fab but impractical skirt up to your hips.

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