Junior School

This afternoon, I found myself doing some measuring with a very large tape measure – not the standard DIY or crafting tape measure, but the bigger kind that comes on a large spool with a proper handle that you have to turn to wind and unwind the tape.  The tape measure took me back to being at junior school; it’s the kind of equipment you’d use when you’re in Year Four and you’re sent with a partner to measure the edges of the school hall as part of a project about perimeters. 

As my mind drifted through memories of my time at junior school, I had a flashback to a vision of one the teachers there.  I guess I may not have thought about her for at least fifteen years, maybe more.  I was never in her class, but I always liked her.  She drove an MG BGT vintage sports car; at the time, I thought it was pretty cool & I would still like to own one now. She also had really bouncy hair and amazing personal style – she dressed like Daphne from Scooby Doo, but with an added 1960s element.  Looking down at my own outfit, I realised that what I was wearing – an outfit pretty typical of how I usually dress – was not dis-similar to how she dressed.  I was stopped in my tracks: how many days of my life have I dressed like this teacher without me even noticing the resemblance?  Without me realising, this teacher has been an important style icon in my life.  What other habits or foibles or character traits reflect the teachers who I have known?  No doubt this is something I will muse on further over the coming days.  As the saying goes, ‘A teacher affects eternity.  They never can tell when their influence may stop’. 

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