Ten Days

Gosh, I cannot believe that it’s been ten days since I last posted.  This is the longest I’ve gone since I began the blog almost a year ago.  It seems funny that I haven’t posted as I’ve had plenty to write about.  In fact, my busy-ness is possibly the reason why I haven’t posted: not so much not finding time to write, but not knowing which thought or feeling or activity to write about.  So what I have been doing?  Here’s my last ten days in ten bullet points:

Saturday 12th: Ran a toy stall at a spring fayre – lots of fun, even though it ended up being more of a free-for-all play area rather than actually selling lots of the toys.  It’s difficult trying to ‘hard sell’ to three year olds.

Sunday 13th: Made a new friend.  The older one becomes, the harder it seems to meet people and make friends with them, especially people who are not related to your work in some way.  But I have met someone and she seems lovely and I think I can honestly say that we are now friends.  It’s a good feeling.

Monday 14th: Cut my hair off.  Well, I didn’t cut it.  My hairdresser (who multi-tasks by being my sister-in-law too) did it.  I could write reems and reems about why I did it, but I will restrain myself to saying that I love it.

Tuesday 15th: Spent a lovely evening with some old friends in Manchester, catching up and making plans for a future gathering.

Wednesday 16th: Had a jolly time at the quiz in my new local, with the satisfaction of making someone laugh so much that I thought that medical intervention was actually needed.  As well as always being good to make people laugh, it seems particularly pleasing when you know that the comment you’ve made challenges their perception/assumptions about you.  Slightly less pleasing is that I cannot for the life of me remember what exactly I said to generate such a reaction.

…………. To be continued

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