The Most Important Thing(s)

I have a new self-help obsession.  It’s only been a week and already it’s beginning to rival the ‘angel train’ as possibly the most useful idea I’ve come across in the world of self-help-ness.  I came across my new favourite obsession quite by accident last week: a book I was reading mentioned an online article that sounded useful; I looked it up, then followed another link and found myself reading about MIT.

Initially I thought MIT had something to do with the prestigious academic institution in the US with the same acronym.  I soon realised, however, that it stands for Most Important Thing.  And those three words pretty much sum up the concept: each day (or I guess it could work just as well for a week or a month, or possibly even a year), you decide what is the most important thing that you want to do.  You may even pick a few Most Important Things.  The principle seems to be that by simply deciding what your priorities are, you are more focused on achieving them.  I was attracted to the notion because I was feeling overwhelmed by an ever-growing to-do list and I wanted some kind of tool for trying to discern where to start & what to focus on.   

I’ve used it for a week now (both for work and for non-work things) and I can honestly say that it is amazing.  The focus, do-able goals have not only made me feel like I’ve been achieving something, but I have been getting stuff done – even if it is as simple as thinking ‘I’m going to reply to that email’, I feel I’m moving in the right direction again.  I feel calm and centred.  And that, I guess, really is the Most Important Thing. 

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