Twice in recent weeks I’ve had a similar conversation with two different friends. It was about how your childhood/teenage perception of life – that you get to 20-something and suddenly you’re a “proper adult” and life then stays the same forever- is totally misguided. As you reach the age when you envisioned you would be a “proper adult” in a steady, predictable life, it actually occurs to you that life is in fact a continual journey. It will constantly change and, if we’re lucky, we’ll continue to grow and develop along the way. I wish I’d known this at 13, or even at 23. It would have certainly taken the pressure off, the feeling I placed on myself that I should be doing everything good, exciting and important now or at some point soon. The realisation that I have the rest of my life to do these things (and am now far better equipped to discern what really is important to me) is immensely liberating. It is freedom.


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