I don’t really like the idea of fate or “destiny”, as that implies we can just be passive or shirk responsibility for our lives as what’s meant to happen will presumably happen anyway if it’s fate. At the same time, I often find myself wrestling with the feeling that the universe seems to have something in mind for us. Perhaps this is different to fate if we have the ability to change direction and not do (consciously or, more often, without realising) whatever it is that universe is pushing us towards. We can resist, although I’m beginning to see that such resistance may actually be the root of much unhappiness. This doesn’t mean we should be passive, but that we should listen to what life is trying to tell us. I’m currently rereading an amazing book about vocation, “Let Your Life Speak” by Parker J Palmer. The author suggests that we need to reverse our thinking about vocation: rather than trying to figure out what we want to do with our lives, we should try to discern what our lives want to do with us. Who knows where such trust in our deepest selves, where such relinquishing of the noise and clamour of ego, may lead us. Today I managed such trust for a fleeting moment, and it led me to my perfect summer dress. Hardly profound or life changing, but it’s encouraging nonetheless.


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