Technically the post’s title should only be M&M, but it didn’t look/sound right.  Not to worry; M&Ms is fine too.  I picked ’M&Ms’ because I seem to have dual ’M’ obsessions at the minute: Most Important Things (which I wrote about in an earlier post) & Magic FM.

Making a daily decision about what my Most Important Things are seems to be working exceedingly well.  In fact, the more that time goes on, the more convinced I am that this little trick will knock ‘The Angel Train’ off the number one spot of ‘My All Time Favourite Self-Help Concepts’ list.  I don’t know why it works; maybe it’s simply that thinking about your priorities before you rush into the day’s events means that you have a real sense of focus & purpose, hence you’re less likely to get way-laid by trivial stuff or get bogged down in sub-conscious procastination.  All I know is that it is working for me & I feel like I’m not only getting loads done, but I’m getting lots of genuinely crucial things done.  Like buying Easter Eggs before the big rush next week (Okay, maybe that isn’t the MIT on today’s list, but it’s something that needed doing & is now done).

The other M in my life is Magic FM: ‘London’s biggest music radio station’ or ‘Less talk, more music’ seem to be the two descriptors it favours, although I’m sure that there are many people who would pick less complimentary epitaphs.  I’ve never been a big fan of commercial radio stations.  I haven’t regularly listened to one since my schooldays, but having stumbled across Magic since working half the week ‘down south’, it seems pushing the right buttons.  Maybe it’s because, as such a large commercial station, it really does have less ads than many other similar outfits.  Maybe it’s because I like older music more than contemporary pop.  Maybe it’s because when I come out of work, all I often want is a bit of cheese to sing along to.  Or maybe I’ve just got over my own particular brand of music snobbery.


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