Going on a treasure hunt

Today is day five of my holiday.  It is also day four of me not feeling very well.  By this stage, I have accepted two things:

(a) Probably none of my holiday is going to pan out as I would have imagined it

(b) I am probably ill because I was a bit run down, hence I would be a fool to rush out & cram my hols with an action packed itinerary once I do feel a bit perkier.

Now I’ve accepted these two truths, the idea of a sedate, relaxing week holidaying from home quite appeals.  Yesterday I spent the afternoon sitting in the garden, reading & enjoying the sunshine.  I even had an ice cream soda, which made me very happy indeed.  And as I was in the holiday frame of mind, I even went as far as having two straws.  Crazy!  I also had a fab girly meal in the evening, where I added to my physical woes by giving myself indigestion thanks to laughing too much whilst trying to eat a sticky toffee pudding with custard. 

Today I feel a bit peeved as I was supposed to be taking my mum to see the new V&A exhibition on the aesthetic movement.  Alas, that will have to wait, but instead we are having a tatting day (tatting = from the made-up verb ‘to tat’, ie go looking for tat – or lovely old things, depending on your perspective).  I haven’t had one of these days in ages; I guess the last time was when I blogged about going, which must have been in about September.  Anyway, today we are staying local as I haven’t tatted for so long.  It’s only just noon, but I already have a haul of various treasure:

(1) a 1950s tea towel depicting various fantastically naff party foods under the banner ‘Let’s Have A Party’.  Perfect for my vintage bar collection – I’ll need to dry all my sherry glasses with something.

(2) A linen shirt dress from a charity shop.  Lovely & summery, although today’s weather suggests that that’s it for GB – our summer is probably over.

(3) Some Agnus Castus tablets.  I’ll admit that I don’t really know what Agnus Castus is, but the woman in the local health food shop told me that they are definitely what I need for my pre-menstrual angst (see last week’s posts).  Apparently you take one every day & two ‘when you know you need it’.  We shall see how it goes.

(4) Three guidebooks from the library for Florence.  I’m going in a few weeks, although obviously I won’t take all three books; the baggage restrictions for the well-known budget airline that I’m travelling with are such that I could probably only take the three books & one pair of pants before I hit the weight limit.  I’m hoping that one of the three will contain details of any haberdashery or craft shops in the city – or, failing that, at least help my Italian progress beyond ‘Un vino bianco por favore’. 

So, that is my morning.  This afternoon, my mum & I will hit the charity shops & junk shops of the neighbouring town in the other direction.  It’s not the high life, but it’s a happy one.


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