Am just wondering if it’s safe to watch the news yet. My 24-hour media blackout (oh how I love how dramatic that sounds!) has worked as I haven’t seen any footage of the wedding. I don’t know what her dress looked like, nor any other details of the day. It was very important to me that I didn’t watch the wedding. This isn’t because of some cumugeonly anti-wedding views; in fact, having been to a lovely wedding the other week, one that felt like a genuine celebration, I actually feel like I can see the point of them (although not the consumer circus that surrounds them). No, rather than being anti-wedding, my stance was anti-royal. I’m a republican, but generally my views are hypothetical. Unless there’s suddenly a referendum on the future of the monarchy, I can’t do much. I can’t boycott stamps with the Queen’s head on them, or refuse to trade in banknotes because of their royal picture (although I do always face notes in my purse and anywhere else so that the Queen’s head is on the back, out of sight). The royal wedding has therefore given me the chance to put my money where my republican mouth is. No sneaky peeks, no flag waving. And I’m so glad I have taken this stance. I probably would have got some vicarious enjoyment watching it, but that feeling would have long past. I can now hold my head high for the rest of my life, knowing I didn’t watch but stayed true to my principles. And long may that reign in my life.

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