It’s all about colour

NB This post was written on Friday 6th May but somehow got delayed in the posting process.

Does anyone else get days where they feel particularly attuned to something, say a sense or a word that seems to dominate? Today I’ve had that with colour. As happened earlier in the spring, I’ve felt really alert to colour – craving it even. This morning I felt compelled to add an extra lashing of red lipstick. At lunch I took real pleasure from the yellowness of the lemon that I added to the glass of Coke I was having. On the drive home all the navy blue cars seemed especially navy. The wrapping for a gift was inspired by some pink blancmange in the fridge. My outfit for this evening was inspired by the delightful June cover of Vogue – not the clothes featured, but the overall colour scheme. I don’t know what this means; it probably signifies nothing. But I do know that this sensitivity to colour has enhanced my day, making even the mundane more, well, colourful.


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