Why is it that the seemingly most simple of tasks can fill us with dread? Over recent days, I.ve had to do several jobs that have given me that awful nervous feeling in the pit of my stomach, despite knowing intellectually – logically, rationally – that they’re all things well within my grasp. I have completed these tasks with pride and satisfaction, feelings probably enhanced by the initial intrepidation. We all need these feelings to push us, to challenge us, to question our boundaries and our comfort zone. At the same time, there challenges reset the standard of what we find acceptable. Tomorrow I’m off to Florence on a work trip. For most of the three days I’ll be alone. The first time I did a similar trip, it felt like a rite of passage – a coming of age that contributed to my personal growth. Now it’s quite run of the mill; a pleasurable but not especially comment worthy event. Which I guess proves that old adage, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.


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