It’s Monday night and am feeling bouyant. Jubilant, even. Life just feels good at this moment. I hadn’t expected to feel this way right now. I thought I might feel a bit anti-climatic. Having had an amazing weekend in Florence, where there’s something hypnotic about the place that’s inspired so many over the centuries, I feel invigorated creatively. Although a bit of an energy slump early afternoon put me on tenterhooks, as if some terrible fate was about to befall me, a decent lunch soon sorted my blood sugars or whatever the problem was, and even a really late finish at work ended up feeling pleasant and (crucially) satisfying. Perhaps most central to my current level of contentment, however, are the plans literally just made to meet up with a good friend who I’ve not seen for a few months on Friday evening. The week may have only just started, but having something to look forward to at the end of it is good for anyone’s soul.

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