Today the phrase “Reduce, reuse, recycle” seemed to be my mantra. I cut a large Post-It note into thirds as I didn’t need it to be so big. I got 3 printer cartridges refilled. Returned 3 library books. Bought a Mooncup (a form of reusable sanitary ware-&possibly the purchase of the year in terms of how excited I am about using it!). Purchased a lovely navy shirt from a charity shop (turns out it’s actually more aubergine than navy, but lovely nonetheless). Recycled various bits of paper, including several receipts for cards etc that I’d picked up today. Then my last action before bed was to swap the contents of my handbag to a canvas bag that I’m beginning to feel is a more “freeing” option, especially for a long day out as tomorrow will be (off to Brighton with work, then meeting some friends on the way back). On the side of this canvas bag is a print of the Barbara Kruger sinograph, “I shop, therefore I am”. I can’t help but wonder what today’s consumption choices say about my changing identity as a consumer. So I’ve thrown in my new £20 lipstick for good measure.

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