Blue mood – horrendous hormonal surges.

Blue chair – new addition – just the right height for my desk & very plush.  My previous desk chair has been re-homed on the landing & looks very cosy there.

Blue shed door – on the card containing a letter from my lovely friend & penpal Clare, who blogs over at

The card with the blue shed door was part of a beautiful parcel that Clare has sent me, containing news of what she’s been doing, a copy of Making and lots of amazing bits for crafting.  The latter were all contained in fab envelopes, complete with hand-drawn pictures, as shown in the photograph.

The blue shed door card & the parcel cheered me no end, as did the sight of the parcel’s contents in the blue chair.  I am now sitting in bed, looking happily at the blue shed door card, the envelopes & the blue chair.  I’m no expert in colour therapy, but this very unscientific series of observations has led me to conclude that maybe the way forward is to identify one’s bad moods as a colour, find objects of the same colour that make you feel happy, see what happens. 

Blue + blue = no more blues.

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