Today I’ve been thinking about the notion of security. I say notion as I’m fully aware that’s all it is: a concept, rather than actuality. Events of the last few years have provided the world with a timely reminder that security is a mythical beast, fleeting, shape shifting. Jobs disappear, lovers leave, health perishes. While certain things (marriage, home ownership, a steady job to name but a few) may help us to feel secure, they do not actually give security against life’s possible hardships. Rather than things, we should nurture our own emotional resilience – our inner strength that provides an anchor in an uncertain world. I know all this. I also know that I’ve made life choices in which I’ve traded the seemingly secure option for the opposite – that which seemed to offer freedom rather than security. Maybe it’s an inevitable trade off. It’s something I regularly, perhaps even continually, struggle with. Yet today I’ve taken great comfort & pride in seeing my savings bolstered past another milestone post-pay day. I also feel reassured coming to bed on day three of housesitting having figured out how to set the alarm to cover downstairs while I’m sleeping upstairs. It seems that we all look for security in some form or another, however small the gesture.

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