Simplicity, the Jennifer Kavanagh book mentioned in a recent post, talks of how simplicity isn’t a one-off event but an ongoing process. This is certainly something I recognise, having gone through various “stages” in my quest to lead a simpler life over the last few years. At every stage – some of which I’ve blogged about, such as when I attained a new level of sparseness in terms of my cosmetics – I felt that I’d reached the pinnacle, the ultimate, that I couldn’t strip back any further. Of course, I realise it is rarely that straightforward. As you learn to live with less, you readjust your expectations and desires. My pen pot has gone from being rammed to being full but only with pens that I knew worked to only containing two of each pen type I ever use to one of each type. And I rarely actually use all those types (red, black, blue; two colours of highlighter). Not only is simplicity not straightforward but it has to be a longer term process, with peaks and troughs and stages as you adjust and adapt. This recognition of the process is particularly essential when I’m in the throes of a simplicity drive, as I am at the minute. So imperative seems my urge, my need, to feel free of stuff that I am in danger of trying to do too much in one go. It isn’t feasible to purge all my possessions in one evening, or even one weekend. I’m having to chip away slowly, so am trying to tackle one small task at a time. Yesterday I burnt the contents of the folders and files that I cleared on Sunday. Today was more challenging as I’m in my Surrey part of the week rather than my home part of the week. But I managed to send some emails that are helping with Mission: Simplify. I don’t know what I’ll do tomorrow, although I’m sure the process will keep rolling on. There’s always plenty left to do.


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